MicroFiber Hot Tub Pre-Filter

Purify your water before you fill your hot tub. This disposable filter reduces total dissolved solids (TDS) from your water and increases the quality of your spa water. The Sundance pre-filter is 90% efficient and removes dirt, sediment, rust, and calcium. Attach the pre-filter to the end of a garden hose and begin the fill. The MicroFiber pre-filter extends filter life and reduces hard mineral deposits. One pre-filter is good for 1200 gallons or 2-3 fills.

Item #6473-364

First Step Clean-N-Fill Hot Tub Pre-Filter

Provides five stages of filtration using ion exchange resins, as it purifies. Equipped to handle extremely hard, dirty water, it connects to a standard garden hose. Each filter is good for three fills.

Item #6473-148 (Case of 6 pre-filters)
Item #6473-127 (Case of 12 pre-filters)


Sundance Spas' mineral spa cleaner leaves water clean, clear and soft. An alternative to chlorine when used in combination with MPS (monopersulfate), the SunPurity cartridge fits into the bromine dispenser of the filter bays of 880 and 780 Series hot tubs. It reduces the potential for unpleasant odors and residue lines, and can be used with your hot tub ozone system. Lasts up to four months. Not available in Canada or Europe.

Item #6890-780
Item #6890-808 (Canada)

Nature2 Test Strips

Easy to use, simply dip the test strip in your spa water, swirl three times, and read levels immediately. The test strips measure levels of monopersulfate (MPS), alkalinity and pH. (50 per bottle)

Quick Drain & Quick Vac

The Quick Vac makes short work of spa debris, while the Quick Drain can tackle draining your spa in 30 minutes or less. Vacuum out your hot tub without any fuss, muss or complicated, hard-to-maneuver, awkward spa vacuums. For larger jobs, no need to use expensive sump pumps, no more waiting around for hours to drain a spa; the Quick Drain does it all, right down to 1/8" in the footwell. The Quick Vac and Quick Drain are fully assembled on arrival. Makes maintaining your spa easy, quick and surprisingly simple. Item #6473-145: Quick Vac Item #6473-146: Quick Drain

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